Debbie is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, 7th Ray Multi-Dimensional (12D) Practitioner and has earned a professional certification in Spiritual Intuition & Readings.  This work is learned at the level of soul inquiry.  Debbie aligns her practice with the cycles of Nature and the essence of Spirit.  Her practice begins with releasing the egotic mind and relaxing the body through natural, noninvasive resources.  Through a combination of energetic and spiritual processes as well as classes, Debbie's care is to assist souls along their path to rekindle their sweet connection to the Love and Joy of Spirit within.  The time together is gentle and compassionate guided by the highest intention for each unique soul.  A co-creation of understanding ones journey follows bringing balance, harmony within, and healing to make for a happier "you"!

Keep it Simple ~ Simply Divine!



30 Minute Session

cost:  $40.00


Finding yourself short on time and/or resources?  In need of some TLC?  This mini Reiki session with chakra balancing is a sweet way to give some love and care back to yourself.


45 Minute Session

cost: $60.00


Rest and renew with this soothing Reiki healing and intuitive session.  Take some time to unwind and relax....and breathe!

Regain balance...rediscover peace.



60 minute session

cost:  $75.00

Hearing the same question resurface again and again?  Overwhelmed with all of life's experiences? Looking for a sign of how to move forward?  Become still and listen through a gentle Reiki healing and psychic reading led by Divine Messaging. 




Love Essence

Keep it simple & live in your Truth

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