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Distractions can make life seem overwhelming and painful.  I feel that our human life is meant to be a progression to a balanced place of peace and ultimately experiencing pure joy most of the time.  Life was not meant to be a constant struggle resulting in fatigue and disconnection.  Each day, I make a choice to keep things simple and remove distraction.  I look to Nature and Mother Earth as my guide.  I am sincere and do my best to stand in my Truth so that my clients may do the very same.  Inner truth is clear, inner truth is love, joy is the outcome.


I have a background in business.  Office Management and Human Resources have been my past career track.  In these roles, I have found myself bridging owners with their staff helping to strive balance, cooperation and eventually an improved level of success.  My former career has led me into communication with many different personalities and experiences - all of which I look at as teachings.  If it is being presented to me, there is an opportunity for growth and knowledge. 


I am a lover of Nature.  Nature has always been my passageway to the Divine Source Energy.  Animals and the outdoors remain an important part of my life.  My spiritual journey ignited in full swing upon the birth and raising of my three children.  They have connected me to a new level of love and passion within, a more unified way of being in my life and in the world.


As the ebb and flow of Light and Shadow dance their way through my life, I am called to another layer of love.  I have journeyed the last several years studying and practicing on a soul inquiry level through a number of different certifications in energy work and spiritual guidance.  Opening to the Divine and channeling messaging, it is my honor and pleasure to assist others along their path.  As we work together, we find the way to connection and joy!


Keep it simple....Simply Divine!!

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